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Alien Arena Game Server Reference
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The server config is a configuration file in the .../arena/ directory. It contains the settings that define how the server will behave. The settings are saved in variables called cvars.

Alien arena comes with a default server config named server.cfg. Here is what it looks like:

// Generic dedicated server config

set dmflags 2359312
set hostname "Alien Arena Server"
set website "" s
set Admin "admin" s
set deathmatch 1
set sv_botkickthreshold 2
set maxclients 12
set fraglimit 30
set timelimit 20
set sv_maplist "dm-goregrinder dm-annihilation dm-deathray dm-warmachine2k10 dm-zorn2k11 dm-neptune 
dm-invasion dm-deimos2k9 dm-dynamo2k8 dm-impact dm-dismal2k11 dm-downfall dm-turbo2k8 dm-eternal 
dm-liberation dm-purgatory dm-zorn dm-atlantis2k8 dm-zion2k9 dm-bloodfactory dm-leviathan2k8 dm-babel2k11 
dm-command2k9 dm-omega2k8"
set sv_public 1
set logfile 1
set rcon_password "rconpw"
map dm-goregrinder

On the second line of the above config, the "hostname" cvar is assigned a value using the "set" command.

Thus, the server config is simply a list of set commands. Most cvars have a default value. Generally the server config will only contain settings for cvars when a value different from the default is wanted.

The characters "//" are used to create comments. Any text on the line after the "//" is ignored by the server (human readable only). You can use the comment characters at the beginning of a line, or at the end

Examples of comments:

// This line is a commment, it will be ignored entirely
set deathmatch 1     // everything after the comment characters is ignored


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