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Alien Arena Game Server Reference
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This is a Windows executable file located in the Alien Arena main directory. When you run this file you will be able to set values to create a bot configuration file. Alternatively you can open a previously saved configuration file to view and edit, and if you like, you can save it to a new file.

This is what the botconfigurator.exe looks like when you first start it up (showing its default settings below):

After you have made the changes you want, you would click "Save Bot File." Then you would be prompted for a file name which needs to be exactly the same as the bot it is for, including any color codes. For example, for a bot named ^7The^1Zapp the config would be named ^7The^1Zapp.cfg. The default will be what you have specified in the configurator screen for Bot Name

If you want to load a previously saved file, you simply click "Load Bot File" and navigate to the file you want to load. You can then make changes to it and save it or give it a new name.


Bot Skill Level: The bot's agility (referred to in the source code as "skill" which is a misnomer as of version 7.5 since it only defines how the bot will move). This setting accepts a value of 1 - 3:

  • 1 the bot can't use alt fire, no jumps or crouching, and will barely move while firing
  • 2 the bot can use alt fire, and do normal jumps and crouch
  • 3 the bot can use alt fire, do normal jumps and crouch, dodge and do gun jumps, and jump more frequently in joust mode

If skill is set to 0 or 3 in the Server Config, the skill setting in the bot config is ignored.

Awareness: Or how much peripheral vision the bot will have (FOV) accepts values from .5 to 1 where .5 is the worst and 1 is the best. Because the bot is capable of snapping to the side instantly and firing it may be helpful to play with this setting and mitigate the reflexive advantage a bot has over a human.

Preferred Weapon: if the bot has it's this weapon in inventory then it will use it before other weapons. This setting accepts the following values:

  • Violator
  • Flame Thrower
  • Rocket Launcher
  • Alien Smartgun
  • Pulse Rifle (use for Chaingun)
  • Disruptor
  • Alien Disruptor (use for Beamgun)
  • Alien Vaporizer

Name: This is the name of the bot (including color codes) and what the file will be saved as (with a *.cfg extension).

Accuracy: Sets how accurate the bots aim is with that weapon. Each weapon accepts a values from .5 to 1 where .5 is the worst and 1 is the best.

Chat Strings: These are random taunts the bot uses when it it killed (when bot chat is enabled, see dmflags). Taunts can be made to use the player's name that killed the bot by using %s. For example, if the player named Killer shot the bot and you want the bot to say "Killer, I will get you for this!" you would use the taunt line: %s, I will get you for this!


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