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The bot config is an optional file that stores values that customize the bots behavior. In it you can set things like the bot's agility, accuracy with each weapon, and the bot's favorite weapon. Also defined in the config are custom taunts the bot will randomly choose from when it is killed.

In order for a bot to use a custom config, the config must have the exact same name as the bot with a .cfg file extension and it must be kept in the .../arena/botinfo/ directory. If the bot's name uses color codes, those must also be used in the bot config's filename. For example, for a bot named ^7The^1Zapp the config would be named ^7The^1Zapp.cfg.

The File Lines

Line 1 defines the bots agility. This setting accepts a value of 1 - 3:

  • 1 the bot can't use alt fire, no jumps or crouching, and will barely move while firing
  • 2 the bot can use alt fire, and do normal jumps and crouch
  • 3 the bot can use alt fire, do normal jumps and crouch, dodge and do gun jumps, and jump more frequently in joust mode

If skill is set to 0 or 3 in the Server Config, the skill setting in the bot config is ignored.

NOTE: The information on bot skill is tentative and subject to change

Line 2 defines the bots favorite weapon. If the bot has it's favorite weapon in inventory it will use that before other weapons. This setting accepts the following values:

  • Violator
  • Flame Thrower
  • Rocket Launcher
  • Alien Smartgun
  • Pulse Rifle (use for Chaingun)
  • Disruptor
  • Alien Disruptor (use for Beamgun)
  • Alien Vaporizer

Line 3-11 define bots accuracy with each weapon. This setting accepts values from .5 to 1 where .5 is the worst and 1 is the best. For instagib if the bot's disruptor accuracy is set to 1 a human player will not stand a chance. Using .5 will make the bot much more playable in instagib.

Line 12 defines the bots "awareness" or how much peripheral vision the bot will have (FOV). This setting accepts values from .5 to 1 where .5 is the worst and 1 is the best. Because the bot is capable of snapping to the side instantly and firing it may be helpful to play with this setting and mitigate the reflexive advantage a bot has over a human.

To estimate what FOV a setting will achieve, the following may be helpful (you can use values in between):

  • 1.0 = 180 FOV
  • 0.7 = 145 FOV
  • 0.5 = 120 FOV

Line 13 to the end of the file defines random taunts the bot uses when it it killed (when bot chat is enabled, see dmflags). Taunts can be made to use the player's name that killed the bot by using %s. For example, if the player named Killer shot the bot and you want the bot to say "Killer, I will get you for this!" you would use the taunt line: %s, I will get you for this!

Here is a sample config that has been annotated to show what each line does.

3		//Bot agility
Disruptor	//Favorite Weapon
0.7		//Blaster
0.5		//Disruptor
0.5		//Pulse Rifle
1		//Flame Thrower
1		//NOT USED, was homing rocket
1		//Rocket Luancher
0.7		//SmartGun
0.5		//Beam Gun
0.5		//Vaporizer
0.7		//Awareness
%s: 100 dpi, sensitivity 0, accelleration infinite; Magic is in the air!
%s: Hocus Pocus catch my spell, I cast you soul into hell!
%s: Here kitty kitty, come play with my mouse!
%s: I think I better clean my mouse pad... there is blood on it!
%s: The mouse is faster than they eye, just ask %s!
%s: Never use a game pad to do a mans job!
%s: Maybe you should have bought a wii instead %s?


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